total body analysis - tba

Julie Rush has been certified as a TBA practitioner through Health Care Ministry International.   For a more in depth look at this treatment modality and its founder please click on the link below.

The theory behind TBA is that all disease is a result of toxin accumulation in the various cells and organs systems of the body.   Toxins become lodged in various tissues and inhibit the normal action and function of those tissues and systems.   Once free of these toxins the body can unleash its innate inner healing potential and begin the process of repair.  The goal of TBA is to identify the cause of your imbalance.  

Your TBA practitioner has been trained in a very specialized form of kinesiology or what is also called muscle testing.  The established protocol includes numerous electromagnetic test vials to develop a complex homeopathic quantum output antidote that is custom designed to correct any imbalance. 

TBA Consultations are available

in person or by phone.

$75 per evaluation

OR text/call our office today for an appointment.