LSH Statement of faith

our mission

As a servant of and co-worker with Jesus Christ

J Dahl Inc doing business as JoULES Wellness Studio will provide services and products that help individuals achieve their God given potential to live healthy full and abundant lives.

Our services will address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the individuals we serve.  We will consistently strive to provide encouragement and hope - both so desperately needed in a hurting and fallen world.

We believe we were all uniquely created by and for God.   True wellness is best achieved through recognition of this truth.

Therefore ALL healing is always WITH, IN, THROUGH and for HIM.

This business will be built on The Rock of Jesus Christ and the absolute truth that comes from following Him and living out His Word.

To God Be the Glory


Julie Dahl is a Licensed Spiritual Healer LSH - licensed through The Spiritual Healer License Board

Statement of Faith – Julie Dahl

I believe I have been reconciled to the Creator of the Universe, my Heavenly Father, though the death and resurrection of His only son Jesus Christ and have been gifted with the power Holy Spirit that indwells me and penetrates every cell of my being.   The life, death and resurrection of Jesus was the ultimate act of God’s unfailing LOVE (agape).  God can be seen and felt most vividly when looking at His creation and is the life force that holds all things together right down to the sub-atomic quantum level.   Through reconciliation with God through Jesus I believe complete renewal, regeneration, recompense, restoration and revival of the body, soul and spirit occurs.  Therefore ALL healing is always WITH, IN, THROUGH and FOR Him.  To God be the Glory!