the study,


and correction

of energy in living systems 

Meet Joules

Raindrop Technique combines unique targeted application of therapeutic grade essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience.

TBA utilizes a precise protocol to find the primary body systems that are off balance and tracks to a series of antidotes that rebalance the system.

Raindrop Technique

ToTal Body Analysis

wellness scan by NES Health

A NEW service in the emerging field of bioenergetics. We assess and correct the body’s energy and communication systems with the latest technology. Doing this improves the body’s own ability to heal and stay healthy.

After being in the pharmaceutical industry for almost two decades and witnessing firsthand the shortcomings of the current conventional healthcare model, Julie Rush knew in her heart there had to be more to the story. Fully convinced God didn't design us in His image to be incapable of renewal and fascinated by the pre-modern medicine premise that the body can heal itself, she set out on a journey of learning and discovery.  Julie now coaches clients at Joules Wellness Studio and has watched first hand how the healing miracle of the body is unleashed when we give the body what it needs and take away what it doesn't.   She gives God all the glory in the process.

"Your body is a garden to be tended rather than a machine to be fixed ..."